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Our People

Our Values

At Abano Healthcare, we put our people and patients first. Our values are the guiding principles by which we operate every day. They help keep us on track to achieving our goals and make the journey more enjoyable

We Take the Time to Care

Dentistry is about caring for people. When we walk in our patients’ shoes, it helps us understand their needs and offer better support. The same applies to our colleagues. We know that working in a caring profession means we take the extra time required to look after each other

How we do this

  • Get to know our team and our patients, so we can pinpoint the care they need
  • Show empathy and understanding at all times
  • Clear barriers for people on their journey to success
  • Display kindness and concern for others

We Respect Each Other

Respect is the glue that holds our relationships and workplaces together. Our patients and our colleagues thrive when we respect who they are, what they need and how they like to be treated.

How we do this

  • Understand and get to know each other
  • Believe everyone has a part to play in delivering great dental care
  • Encourage a diverse range of voices and perspectives in our team
  • Accept other people and value them for who they are

We Play as a Team

Working together with kindness and collaboration gets us moving faster towards our goals. It allows us all to employ our strengths, use our experience, make good decisions and create quality outcomes. Plus it makes our working day more enjoyable.

How we do this

  • Communicate better by being open and honest with each other, and listen to others’ points of view
  • Co-operate with each other, sometimes sacrificing our needs for the greater good
  • Show that we value every different role in our team, no matter how big or how small
  • Welcome new challenges and embrace change

We Only Bring Our Best

We strive for excellence in everything we do. By going the extra mile, we aim to do things better every day. It also helps us stay ahead of the game. And when we deliver a brilliant patient experience, we earn their loyalty and grow our reputation.

How we do this

  • Work above and beyond the call of duty
  • Grow and share our knowledge and ideas
  • Always strive to improve
  • Prepare in advance so we can exceed expectations

Stories About Our People

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Dentist’s Cycle for Cancer

As an avid cycler, Dr Mark Cull, lead dentist at Channon Lawrence Dental is switching his scrubs for lycra to take part in Suncorp’s ‘Spirit to Cure’ 2022 fundraising bike ride. Over three adventurous days from the 11th-13th of September Dr Mark will be cycling 360kms from Noosa to Brisbane with Team Gympie.

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Why Oral Health Is Important For Women

Chances are you’ve blamed your hormones for a skin breakout or an emotional outburst however, have you ever considered that your hormones may also be to blame for changes inside your mouth?

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Inspiring a Healthy Mouth for Men

Every year, Men’s Health Week is held from 13th-19th of June to highlight and promote health and wellbeing of men in the community. At Maven Dental, we’re urging all our male patients to get on their front foot when it comes to oral hygiene this year!