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Clinician Development Program

Continued development for a clinician is an essential component in ensuring the delivery of best clinical practice. For recently graduated clinicians, or dental professionals joining the Abano Healthcare network with an overseas qualification, assimilating into the world of private dental practice can leave you wondering if the hands-on support you require to excel will be available to you.

As Australasia’s largest Dental Support Organisation (DSO), our team take pride in supporting the development of the clinical partners in our network.

Our Clinician Development Program is specifically designed to support such clinicians assimilate into the world of private practice. The program has been designed with three distinct pillars to help set up success for new clinicians within the Abano Healthcare network:

  1. Kick Start
  2. Momentum
  3. Accelerate

Each pillar targets specific learning and development for clinicians and is tailored to the individual depending on their level of experience and clinical needs.

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